How To Snowboard: The Basic Moves

Snowboarding is a really athletic sport, a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the winter season at the same time. Snowboarding is the most popular winter sport in the world. A lot of people are interested in getting started in the sport but are not sure how. If you go through snowboarding school this will probably be your best bet because here you will be under the guidance of professional snowboarding instructors.

Before you can learn any snowboarding moves you are going to need to get geared up. Snowboarding is really not that expensive to get started in, compared to a lot of other sports. All you really need is your regular winter gear a thermal top and pants, snow suit and boots, then you also need a board, boots and bindings. The first step that any new snowboarder should take is trying to just stand on their board.

If this is your first time on a snowboard you will probably be surprised at how difficult it can be even just to stand in one spot. You have to learn to find your center of gravity and learn how to stay balanced when your feet are attached together on a board. When you get out there on the slopes with other boarders, you are not going to want to be bashing people with your snowboard so make sure you have it tucked in under your arm as you are walking with it. Skating is the name given to one of the moves most commonly used by snowboarders.

This is what you will use whenever you are on level snow and need to get moving. The skating move is what you will need to use when you are going through flat areas or terrains. It is used often because you are going to need to make it through the flat parts as the slopes are not always straight hills going downwards. You will often see professional snowboarders do this when they are coming up to a jump.

Most boarders have one stance or the other that they prefer, and you will be able to figure this out once you get out there and start boarding. This is the move that is going to help you control your speed as well as balance as you are going down a hill. There are lots of other moves you will need to master as well, and which you can learn by going through snowboarding school. You will learn these moves and more if you go through a snowboarding school where you will learn with a professional instructor.